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/PMA-15 Pin Mill and 50L Ribbon Mixer for lab scale research test

PMA-15 Pin Mill and 50L Ribbon Mixer for lab scale research test

Apr 03, 2020
PMA-15 Pin Mill and 50L Ribbon Mixer are used to crush and mix pigments and dyestuffs in the lab.
PMA-15 Pin Mill can crush the pigments and dyestuffs into powder between 10~120 mesh. The final powder size can be adjusted.
After grinding the pigments into powder, then RM-50 Ribbon Mixer can mix the powder to reach a good dispersing effct. And then the pigment powder will be packed.
pin mill pulverizer for pigments horizontal ribbon mixer for pigments
Before shipping to our customer, customer sent some raw pigments for a test and confirmed OK.
We use plastic film to wrap the machines first and then use standard export packing box to pack the machines, at last we send out to our customer.
We make sure the machines will be safe and sound when they arrive in customer's factory or working site.
packing box of pin mill pulverizer pin mill pulverizer for dyestuffs packing box of RM-50 ribbon mixer
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