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/DME-60 Disk Mill Pulverizer to grind chili, pepper, turmeric

DME-60 Disk Mill Pulverizer to grind chili, pepper, turmeric

Nov 09, 2019
Cutomized Disk Mill Grinding Line to grind chili, black pepper, turmeric, dried ginger for our Philippine customer.
This customized production line consists of horizontal pre-crusher machine, disk mill pulverizer machine, cyclone separator, dust collector, vacuum conveying machine, material storage silos, packing machine, sealing machine, belt transmitting machine.
DME-60 Disk Mill Pulverizer DME-60 Disk Mill Pulverizer production line

DME-60 Disk Mill grinder DME-60 Disk Mill crusher
It has been used for more than two years and it still works well. Our customer is very satisfied with this production line.
We are waiting for their next order soon. To provide best quality machinery for our customers, to help them reduce repairing rate, maintaining cost, improving the quality and capacity of their product.
And finally win customer's trust and make friends with customers not only doing business.
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