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Air Cooled Pulverizer To Grind Yellow Pea Into Powder

May 07, 2020
Air Cooled Pulverizer from Higao Tech is used to grind yellow pea into powder.
Yellow pea must be dry and peeled. Then you can use our Air Cooled Pulverizer to make powder. Air Cooled Pulverizer will generate strong wind inside the pulverizing chamber to cool the materials and the chamber. Also strong wind will help to discharge more quickly. The screen mesh can be adjustable to achieve a suitable powder size that you need.
Air Cooled Pulverizer is made of food grade stainless steel 304 to meet GMP standard. So it can be used in food production.
We can customized many models with different capacity as per customer's request.
yellow pea pulverizer air cooled pulverizer for yellow pea

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