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4000L Conical Mixer For Mixing Food Additive Sorbitol Powder

Apr 25, 2020
4000L Vertical Conical Mixer is used to mix food additive sorbitol powder applied in food industry.
Sorbitol is a kind og food additive, widely used as a sweetener to replace the suagr in food production.
We have experience in mixing sorbitol powder and our quality has been approved by our customers.
4000L conical mixer 4000L vertical conical mixer 4000L conical screw mixer
Higao Tech Conical Mixer can be used as a temporary storeage tank and as a mixing equipment to mix the sorbitol powder at the same time. It saved the cost and also increased efficiency of use.
Discharging valve is rotary valve. And at the bottom of this Conical Mixer, there are three DN50 flanges used for special application. We use stainless steel 304 to make the product contact parts. We use hairline polish to treat the surface of this 4000L Conical Mixer to make the appearance simple and beautiful.
4000L double screw conical mixer 4000L conical mixer for sorbitol powder sorbitol powder mixer
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