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/200L Horizontal Ribbon Mixer For Mixing Corn Powder And Water

200L Horizontal Ribbon Mixer For Mixing Corn Powder And Water

Apr 16, 2020
200L Horizontal Ribbon Mixer is used to mix cron powder and water as premix in the food production.
This machine is customized to use a heavy duty driving system to provide a strong force. Because customer will add more water, the mixing strength will be much heavier. So we design and make this special ribbon mixer.
200L horizontal ribbon mixer 200L ribbon mixer for mixing corn powder and water
We use ABB brand electric components to make the electric control cabinet.
This 200L horizontal ribbon mixer is equipped with pneumatic discharging valve. Easy to open and close the discharging door to let out the mixed materials.
We use exporting standard wooden box to pack the ribbon mixer, which does not need fumigation by the Inspection and Quarantine Bureau. It saves time and safe.
ribbon mixer for corn powder mixing ribbon mixer for mixing corn starch ribbon mixer for mixing maize powder
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